And We’re OFF- A bit about me

Welcome to my site! As you could have guessed my name is Christopher Knight- My friends call me Chris.

I am a Local Small Business owner is Brisbane, Australia. I own an Asphalt and Bitumen Business servicing the greater Brisbane area for all residential and commercial Asphalt and Bitumen needs. My reason for starting this blog is because in my profession I have plenty of clients who go searching for information and somewhere to ask questions on their Asphalt and Bitumen queries and we don’t seem to have any relevant blogs where this was possible! So “shazzam” here it is. If you’ve stumbled across this it means you are also likely searching for some answers also!

If you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover off please email me through my details on the contact page.

This one is to be Short and Sweet. An intro as to – Who, What and Why!

Catch you all shortly.




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