Tips to bring Longevity to your Asphalt!

Understandably once you have dished out the dosh to have your new driveway, parking lot, road (and the list goes on) complete you want to do all you can to ensure the lifespan of this investment is as long as possible! As I mentioned in my previous post a quality Asphalt Driveway can last you from 15-20 years. Regular maintenance and care is a vital part of this.

So what can you do to ensure you get the most out of your new driveway? I have complied a list of my top tips below.

-Take Preventative action to water damage

Water can cause havoc to your driveway! This “universal solvent”, given enough time, could pretty much dissolve anything. That includes your “Rock hard” asphalt surface. Obviously keeping water off your asphalt driveway is borderline impossible- rain ensures that. Therefore the road design should take this into account. Obviously once the surface has been laid there is not a lot you can do about this so you should then take preventative measures. Regardless of how well your surface was constructed preventative measures and remaining vigilant is always a good idea.

The number one thing you can do to avoid water damage is to ensure that you have good drainage away from the driveway. Edges which are bare, leading to grass or dirt can invite water to travel underneath the pavement. Ensure that your drainage helps left over water (after rain etc) to drain away and not sit dormant at the edge of your driveway.

-Repair Damage as it appears

Damage on residential driveways should not be as severe as damage you may see on public roads or business premise which receive large delivery trucks weekly. The most common damage in residential driveways is of course cracking. “Edge Cracks” can be caused by a variety of things including, shrinkage/drying out of soil, underlying material settlement, poor drainage and heavy traffic or vegetation on the edge. I found this page at Asphalt Institute had a great overview of “Asphalt Pavement Distress Summary”. You may find the information helpful to help “diagnose” the cause and ideal action for your driveway damage.

Repairing the damage before it spreads and makes way for bigger problems such as potholes will help to see your driveway go the distance. Ignoring such problems as these will only see them develop into much bigger issues which, you may find, lead to the only option being a whole new driveway.

Your local Asphalt specialist (in Brisbane? Call us be able to talk to you about options for these. Crack sealing before the damage spreads is a great way to avoid a hefty repair bill!

If you have potholes forming get someone out asap to discuss repair, pot holes left too long can lead to a much larger repair than you might hope.

-Preventative Maintenance

If you are simply wanting to avoid the damage from appearing in the first place a Seal Coating is a recommended preventative measure. We recommend a Seal Coating at least every 3 years, or more often if in a high traffic area where heavy use and deterioration is visible. This will not only help protect your driveway against damage it will also keep the surface looking like new! A correct maintenance program should see you prolong the life of your driveway!


Of course if you get to the stage where all hope is lost, and the only way out seems to be to start over, at least second time around you know what you need to do to give yourself a lifetime of use out of your new driveway!

Cheers! Happy Friday.



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