Noisy Roads

Let’s talk NOISE!!!

[NOTE: This isn’t likely to be an issue you would have on your residential¬†driveway, this is more of a road and especially highway issue. It does however highlight the importance of “doing it right the first time” in regards to saving money and time!]

I think it’s fair to say that in todays world we deal with a lot of noise! At home, at work and on the weekends! No matter where you live you will be dealing with SOME form of Noise!

In some cases it’s enough to drive you insane (persistant dog barking anyone?)

One of the noises which effects all of us? ROAD NOISE!

To give you an idea- The decibel scale begins at 0. Generally when talking our conversations are at around 50db, normal highway traffic ranks at around 75db. Most of us start to feel irritated and uncomfortable at around 70 to 80 db (our max threshold is around 140db)

There is a certain point on this scale where the government say that this is the maximum db acceptable range. Generally around 67db. Once this is hit considerations to reduce noise levels are required.

In a scenario when noise reduction steps are required options on a main road or highway are limited to say the least.

The latest solution is a noise reduction Barrier wall. The price for this is varying however could potentially cost anywhere from $1-$3million per kilometre. This is a very effective option- once the barrier is erected the noise levels decrease immediately. The downside being the aesthetics- for areas where properties have beautiful and valuable views, a large permanent wall is unlikely to be a popular solution. In addition to this these properties which are on hills or at intersections and therefore do not benefit from the full effect of the wall are still subjected to the excessive noise. Other options such as vegetation walls unfortunately have he same limitations- Although more appealing to the eye.

The better way…

What better way to knock the noise on the head than to go straight to the source. The actual road itself! (Surprise) A quality Asphalt road can help to reduce the noise inside homes and businesses significantly! Some research saw a reduction in noise, on a smooth Asphalt road had an effect the same as doubling the distance between the road and the property.

The practicality, cost and overall effectiveness really shows the road conditioning to be a much better option in the fight against the noise!

Hope this general information article has been insightful and interesting!


Thanks Crew!


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